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Amanda Biundo. Young republican born and raised in the swing state of New Hampshire. Former New Hampshire Chair for Young Americans for Romney, and Students for Rick Santorum. President of the New England College Republicans and joint president of the Political Science club. I'm just a nineteen year old college freshman with an obsession for politics, and a desire to see change in our country.
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Sorry For Grand Ol' Party Rocking

Since there seemed to be a general consensus of people liking the design I put up earlier, I decided to submit it on cafe press.

It can take up to 72 hours for the full approval to go through, but if all works it will be available for purchase on their products.

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A quote I’ll always recall when I watch Obama give a speech to a big crowd…


A quote I’ll always recall when I watch Obama give a speech to a big crowd…

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Sorry I’ve been so busy lately and haven’t been posting much but I have some good news! I made Dean’s List!! & was one of two students selected from my school to attend an all expense paid leadership conference this weekend!

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School Censoring



The school I go to is banning conservative news sites on grounds of ‘intolerance’.

My lawyer mom heard about it.

Needless to say, a justification will soon have to be offered.


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So, I got bored today. I ended up designing this shirt on cafe press. Thoughts?

So, I got bored today. I ended up designing this shirt on cafe press. Thoughts?

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Donkeys & Elephants; The Operative Way to a Win

I wanted to spend some time talking about the “war on women” as well as the use or abuse of the word “misogyny” in reference to these issues.

However, democratic operatives deserve some praise. Hear me out, politics is a game of words, or more so how you use your words. When aligning the term “War on Women” it creates a powerful form of imagery. When saying this to the average voter it gains a even higher amount of power. The term war is often thought of as violent, degrading, and outright wrong by many. When you elicit that there is a WAR on WOMEN you create the idea that this party, the republicans in their political makeup are against women. The use of this tactic, and promotion of this idea by democratic operatives created an atmosphere for their success.

By bringing forth these ideas and cutting down the republican candidates such as Rick Santorum for his pro-life stance, or Paul Ryan for his comments on the “method of conception,” as well as Mitt Romney’s “flip-flop” ideology, it put republicans on the defense. It made it so they were having to constantly defend their positions on these topics, which took the focus from their other statements. Strategically speaking, it was extremely smart for the democrats to use this tactic. It almost downgraded everything else that came out of a republican candidates mouth, as they struggled to defer these comments. 

This created an atmosphere for the “moderate republican” to be used as a safe zone. In order to counter-act the alleged War on Women the party instead of being bold, became safe. They put forth a known moderate republican, Mitt Romney for the presidency. However, this did the opposite of what the party was hoping for. By putting forth this moderate republican, the democratic party began to draw parallels between the beliefs Romney has, and the beliefs Obama has. Using this we saw a struggle for Romney to grab the more conservative side of his party, and independents were shifting democratic due to the high amount of negative press against the republican party. 

The republican party has now entered this shift of putting up these “moderates” in order to satisfy the independent atmosphere battleground states hold. However, this has created a battle within their own party on the candidacy, and the party is losing it’s luster. When we struggle to band together, we fall apart. 

On the democratic side of this they had Hilary Clinton, and Barack Obama fighting for the party nomination in the 2008 election cycle. No matter what angle they took, they were taking a risk and their boldness paid off. When we put up John McCain we realized in order to go against such a historic candidate we too needed to make a leap of faith. In this, we gave the VP nomination to conservative female republican Sarah Palin. This actually backfired on us though. Despite Palin being a good-hearted conservative fame came too fast and the limelight does what it does best; break people down.

Barack Obama; an african american candidate for president excited an amazing amount of voters, and created a political frenzy. The democratic party played this excitement extremely well, and strategically used it to their benefit. They did the same in the 2012 election by exciting minorities, women, and young voters, and within this excitement they used it to turn these people ill towards the republican party. 

All this draws back to my point of the War on Women, one of the most popularly used concept against the republican party. The democratic party lining up words such as misogyny, war, and women knocked down the republican credibility amongst many women voters. Once they knocked down republicans, they used this to then lift themselves up. We saw Obama talking on concepts such as equal pay (while ignoring he has hypocrisy within his own administration on the topic), birth control coverage, and planned parenthood funding in order to draw in these votes. 

The republican party at this point couldn’t make up for the damage done no matter what they said, the democratic operatives succeeded immensely at their goal. I go back to politics is a game of words. Politicians talk a lot, but don’t actually say much. It comes down to charisma and like-ability.

These moderates we have put up for the party in recent election cycles have lacked this. Using moderates for the party is not the answering to gaining back the voter base. Having the past as a model proves this. Ronald Reagan was not your moderate republican. He held strong conservative beliefs, but with this he had a personality that people enjoyed. He spoke with a passion that made people believe in something more. 

With this the republican operatives need to look at their playbook, back up, and reevaluate their strategies. The party needs to begin taking some risks, and they need to modernize their strategies.

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Only Conservative: Instead of someone saying they are pro-life, they should just claim they are pro-fetus.



It is very clear that pro-choice means pro-life, considering we care about woman and their health, we don’t believe a woman should be forced to carry on a pregnancy and we respect their decisions of removing a fetus. We respect her LIFE and her DECISIONS.

But those…


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